Friday, December 25, 2009

On This Christmas

While we are each enjoying Christmas with our families and friends, let us not forget that the parents of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl of Ketchum, Idaho, are still awaiting the safe return of their son who was captured in Afghanistan by the Taliban five months ago.

Today, the Associated Press is reporting that an image was captured from a Taliban propaganda video that shows Bergdahl, alive, coherent, and clearly under threat of his captors as he criticized the United States' war in Afghanistan. However, a NATO spokesman told another news outlet that the video should not be taken as proof of life.

We have not heard recently from any member of the Idaho congressional delegation on Bergdahl's capture or the amount of time that has passed since it was confirmed that he was in fact a prisoner of war. Then again, Risch and Crapo have been tied up with stalling health care reform, Minnick has been requesting earmarks while saying he is anti-earmark, and Simpson has been penning letters on "climategate" to the President of the United States and others. While not a single one of our congressional delegation took a moment to reflect this Christmas day on one of our fellow Idahoans being held prisoner, Bowe and the Bergdahl family should know that Idahoans are still hoping for his return.

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