Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Minnick Interest In 2nd CD

How much attention does the 2nd congressional district pay to the congressman in the 1st district? Apparently, not much.

In tonight's reporting on Walt Minnick's swearing off of earmarks (i.e. political subterfuge), KPVI in Pocatello ran campaign footage alongside the story. Campaign footage from his 1996 bid for the United States Senate. Seriously. Probably the only footage of Minnick they've got. They either didn't aniticipate Minnick being around long enough to need it or they simply don't care.

While Minnick may think he's well-liked by Idahoans who believe in fiscal conservatism and strong positioning against earmarks, the truth of the matter is 1st CD voters might pay some attention to how he votes, but the rest of Idahoans (aside from irritated progressives like myself) don't give a damn about him. In fact, aside from teabaggers in the 2nd district, most 2nd district residents are pro-earmark because without it, the Idaho National Laboratory may have cut jobs quite some time ago. Minnick's new best friend Congressman Mike Simpson doesn't seem to have a problem with earmarks and until Minnick came along, I considered Congressman Simpson quite conservative.

Did the local news mention Minnick's support of the Blue Dog Coalition's fiscal responsibility plan, the plan released ahead of President Obama's SOTU speech tomorrow night and touted today by Minnick? No, they aren't that interested in the 1st district congressman.

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