Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smorgasbord Saturday

It has been a horribly long week and I am glad Saturday has arrived. This smorgasbord is serving more or less as a cleaning out of my inbox. Without further adieu...

The National Baseball Hall of Fame announced this week that the 2010 inductee will be Andre "Hawk" Dawson. Dawson, for those of you who are not baseball fans, played 21 seasons in the MLB for the Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Florida Marlins. This summer, Dawson will be inducted into Cooperstown (where the Hall is located) as the sole player inductee. Along with Dawson will also be inductees representing baseball managers (Whitey Herzog) and umpires (Doug Harvey). Dawson, an outfielder, retired with a .279 career batting average, 438 home runs, 1,591 RBIs and 314 stolen bases. The Hawk was also the National League Rookie of the Year as an Expo in 1977 and the 1987 MVP with the Cubs. He was an 8-time all star. Dawson's selection came as no surprise as this year was the 9th time he'd appeared on the hall of fame ballot.

The Governor of Nevada has announced he will sue the federal government if the health care bill becomes law. How many steps behind him do you think Governor Butch Otter is? My guess is he's not too far behind him, despite the fact that Idaho is one of the states that stands to gain the most from the health care bill.

A book called Game Change appears to be making waves inside out outside of the Beltway. Today's news related to the book is particularly damaging to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada). According to Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, Senator Reid made comments about then-candidate Obama during the 2008 primaries relating to his race. The comments, which I will not repeat here, show a side of Harry Reid that I'd always expected he had, but kept quiet. Senator Reid has apologized publicly to President Obama, but I don't expect we've heard the end of it, nor do I believe that it will help Senator Reid's uphill re-election campaign this fall.

Today, the Idaho State Journal is finally reporting on a set of billboards that have cropped up in southeastern Idaho. The billboards, which target members of the Mormon church, have been placed in southeastern Idaho by Truth in Love Ministry of Nampa. The billboards have forced the Mormon church to release a statement on the church's doctrine on salvation. More or less the disagreement between the doctrine of this Nampa church and the Mormon church is one that has existed within Christianity for as many years as the Mormon church as been around--Truth in Love Ministry believes, as do many Christian churches, that we are saved by the grace of God alone unlike the Mormon doctrine of grace plus works. Though the argument has been around for centuries, this may be the first time the argument has been taken to the medium of billboards. It's interesting to watch, if nothing else.

No music in the mix today, but I'll get back to TGIF Tunes or New Music Tuesday updates soon.


Jared said...

Butch said he'd sue on a week and a half ago.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Butch was talking Medicaid. The Governor of Nevada wasn't.

Jared said...

"Gov. Butch Otter has threatened to sue the United States should health care legislation become law as currently drafted in bills that passed the House and Senate."
Idaho Statesman 1/1/10

"Governor Jim Gibbons today announced that the State of Nevada intends to sue the federal government to stop Senator Harry Reid's health care plan if it becomes law."
Gibbons Press Release

My common denominator, as I assumed was yours, was both were suing the federal government about the current health care bill not the claims they were making.