Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smorgasbord Saturday

Did you know that there is a Peeps Diorama Contest? Not only is there such a thing, this year will be the fourth annual contest! Seriously. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

As a follow up to Thursday's post regarding an ISU campus protest, I wanted to point out two articles running at KPVI (the local NBC affiliate) regarding the protest ("Students Upset Over Proposed Tuition Increase" and "ISU Students Stage Protest"). KPVI's Brenda Baumgartner sat down with Dr. Arthur Vailas, President of Idaho State University, this week to discuss his hefty raise. I couldn't help noticing that Vailas looked old and tired. He certainly hasn't had it easy with the state budget cuts, but he has also made his bed in many respects. All the hope I once had for Vailas when he arrived here disappeared quickly and was all but wiped out with the hiring of Provost Gary Olson.

Think Progress has a pretty complete list of the Republicans that have taken credit for or acknowledged the help various stimulus projects have brought to their districts. As of today, 114 lawmakers are on that list. I suggest they add a Democrat to it--Idaho's own Walt Minnick--who back in October praised energy grants made possible in part by the stimulus bill.

As a follow up to the Brave New Films video I posted, news has surfaced that David Talbot, a Kennedy historian, has opposed the character assassination that is this mini-series that will run on the History Channel.

The events at UC San Diego continue to make the news. First, students held an anti-Black History Month party. Then students went on a campus radio station and uttered a racial slur. Now, UCSD has suspended a student for hanging a noose in the main campus library. It appears the events are not limited to UCSD. A spokesman with the UC system said that events being addressed by administrators "included the recent carving of a swastika on the dorm room door of a Jewish student at UC Davis."

Tomorrow, the Idaho State Journal will be running contrasting columns on ISU's reorganization plan. The "pros" column was penned by ISU professor Dr. David Adler. The "cons" column was penned by professor emeritus Leonard Hitchcock. Both columns are available on the ISJ website tonight.

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