Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stop Kennedy Smears

For some time now, the History Channel has sensationalized the Kennedy family for the purpose of ratings, but as Brave New Films points out in this video, the History Channel will be airing a new Kennedy documentary that is ultimately destructive. Just as has been said in our recent political discourse, the far-right is not entitled to their own facts. This film surely makes the far-right look foolish in their attempt to portray the Kennedy family, particularly President Kennedy, in a poor light. Take a moment to watch the short film and join me as well as my fellow historians in signing a petition telling the History Channel not to air the film.

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mary said...

I came to this site intending to sign the petition to complain about the content of the Kennedy documentary that the History Channel plans to air. I agree with the historians in this short film that it serves no historical purpose to dwell on the Kennedy family flaws. I also agree that anything the History Channel airs should be as historically accurate as is humanly possible. However, I cannot say that I will stop watching the Channel. I watched a collection of WWII footage last night which was very well presented.