Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Mr. Minnick

Another great video from the Idaho Uninsured Story Project. Though Margaret's story is only one of many in a sea of uninsured and underinsured Idahoans, her story speaks for all of us who know too well the hell that is the current health care system. As MG asks, how can anyone vote against health care reform? A day in the life of Margaret or any other of the thousands of uninsured and underinsured Idahoans would surely change his mind. If Mr. Minnick had a conscience...


N. Speth said...

Oh man! I was hoping to log in and get your comment on the fact that your state just passed a law requiring the attorney general to sue the federal government if the health care law passes. Oh well, maybe you'll comment on it later.



Tara A. Rowe said...

Sorry, Nick. I've certainly been following the story and the bill that passes is one I've talked about here before because Idaho already mandates certain demographics (i.e. college students) hold health insurance. However, come Monday you'll see why things have been so slow around here.