Friday, June 25, 2010

Desk Project

When I moved, I left two desks -- the desk I'd used at work for four years and the desk I had stuffed full at home. The desk at home was on loan to me and apparently when they moved it out of my apartment it fell apart. So, I ended up in my new digs without a desk.

Why do I need a desk? I'm one of those people who needs a desk. I've had a desk at home, with or without a computer, for the past ten years. I like having a place I can sit down and work on my laptop, scrawl notes, write papers, read, or simply stack things that I might need out for future reference. I'm just one of those people.

Now, setting out to find a desk isn't an easy task. Sure, I could go buy another cheap laminate desk at any of the big box stores, but chances are, I would have had to go with an option that didn't exactly fit my needs and would, like my old desk, fall apart if moved too frequently. I'd been checking the thrift stores pretty frequently for a real wood desk that I could possibly restore and I finally found something:

One of the drawers of this desk had a warped side and they'd decided to sell it for the whopping price of $12.99 due to the defect. The drawer is fixable. The hardware, not so much:

Is that not the ugliest hardware you've ever seen? It was removed posthaste and I've picked out some new hardware that will look good with the brushed nickel hardware on my file cabinet. I also picked out some stain to make this desk more modern and more acceptable alongside the file cabinet.

Soon I'll have a desk, file cabinet and my office boxes unpacked. That's my weekend project, anyway. We shall see if I can accomplish it. Then there will be the issue of a chair. I have a chair, but it is currently sitting in the living room and maybe I need a real office-type chair. That's a decision for another day...

And if any of you were wondering what has taken me so long to write something this week, my computer charger bit the dust and I've been without my laptop. Talk about being lost without electronics!

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N. Speth said...

I just had to buy a charger myself. I was surprised how expensive it was.