Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Lost In Place"

"I feel too close to be losin' touch
By givin' in, what am I givin' up?
Am I losin' way too much?

"Hey, California waiting,
Every little thing's gotta be just right
But say, while you're tryin' to save me,
Can't I get back my lonely life?

"I'm goin' so fast that I can't slow down,
It's hard to get up when you're spinnin' round & round,
I'd give you the news, but nothin' has changed
I'd sing you a song, but they blew it away,
All wrapped up in this stupid ass game."

-- Kings of Leon
"California Waiting" (from Holy Roller Novocain)
There's something quite unique about the band Kings of Leon. It isn't just their sound, it's their entire way of surviving in the music business--they work hard and tour constantly in an effort to garner fans. So far, so good. The band's success is soon to be tested again as their fifth album drops today.

The new album, Come Around Sundown, takes a few shots at the craziness that comes with being one of the biggest acts in the music business. In a business overwhelmed by pop acts rather than bands that play their own instruments and write their own songs, Kings of Leon has survived with a few catchy singles. It will definitely be interesting to see how well the new album is received. It certainly helps that there isn't much competition in terms of other new music Tuesday albums today (no disrespect to Sugarland or the other niche market releases).

A couple favorite singles come immediately to mind: "Wicker Chair" (where the title of this post originated), "California Waiting" as quoted above, and "The End."

Come Around Sundown is available at Amazon, CD Universe, and iTunes.

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