Saturday, December 18, 2010


"install me in any profession
Save this damn'd profession of writing,
where one needs one's brains all the time."
-- Ezra Pound, from "The Lake Isle"
It took me over a week to write about the passing of Ted Sorensen, a hero in my eyes. I never managed to note that Walt Minnick did in fact lose his congressional seat. I can't put into words my profound disappointment in the Idaho Democratic Party and the so-called leaders of it; I may not have been the most vocal, but my disappointment was certainly the deepest. And, I continue to think about the DREAM Act and how it was then Senators Craig and Crapo who approached the ASISU Senate and asked us to pass a bill that supported the DREAM Act. My, how things change in four years. Yet, I can't seem to write about that, either.

My frustration with the political environment in which we find ourselves is unending. Do people even bother to find the facts anymore? Do people even bother to question whether what they hear from the mouths of their leaders is based in truth? We pass tax cuts that barely help the middle class while giving a hand-out to the highest earners in our country who are least in need of such a hand-out. We live in a country where people are piecing together health care to get by, rather than finding adequate and affordable health care that will allow them to feel well enough to find their own personal successes; a country where our children are hungry and their parents are stressed to maximum capacity because they can't provide for their families, can't keep a roof over their heads; and, we live in a country where finding a job that pays a living-wage is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. My frustrations are endless right now, politically and personally.

Sometimes writing comes easily. At times I write with a fluidity that makes blogging a natural hobby. At others, like now, I find myself resenting the time commitment and the lack of reward. After six years of blogging, I shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't provide for me what it used to. It's hard to keep your head in the game when your heart simply isn't. My heart certainly isn't in it and in writing as Mr. Pound once said, "one needs one's brains all the time."

The fluidity will either return or it won't. In chess, a player can abandon a game to end it due to discouragement, but here, like in chess and politics, I'm simply choosing to adjourn or take a bit of a break.

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Alan said...

I share your frustration and disappointment. It seems like our politicians really, truly, seriously do not give a s*it about trying to make this country better. Every act is a means to help enrich people who don't need help, and is a means to ensure they perpetuate themselves in office. Our Congress is corrupt, enabled by a partisan Supreme Court. And I don't see any way to make it change.