Friday, February 25, 2011

Nullification Bill Dies in Idaho Senate

The controversial nullification bill aimed at ceasing to implement the Affordable Health Care Act has died in the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee. The Senate, apparently a bit wiser than their House colleagues, killed the bill in committee on a voice vote.


Wordsmith said...

Phyllis King thought this would happen. I wasn't too sure.

usft said...

Treason in the Idaho Senate
Obamacare finally passed the US Senate in Dec. 09 after some major back room deals between Pres Obama and Senator Ben Nelson and others. The majority of Americans opposed Obamacare then and were outraged at the manipulation by the executive branch.
Fast forward to Feb 25, 2011 to the Idaho State Capitol. The scene is a senate committee public hearing regarding a proposed state law to nullify Obamacare in our state.
There was a large enthusiastic crowd. The speeches by the public & legislature were well prepared & delivered with fire. The House already had passed the new law by a large majority, and the Governor was begging to sign the bill. Even the Senate Committee Chair gave a strong stamp of approval.
It was like a romance novel where a handsome prince & his lovely bride kneel at the marriage altar. The bride smiles sweetly at her chosen one. The groom reassuringly smiles back. Now the preacher says "you may kiss the bride". Suddenly the groom erupts in a fit of anger and instead gives his bride a black eye and bloody nose, then stomps out, leaving his bride on the floor.
Although the citizenry gave virtually unanimous approval for passage (40 pro vs 2 con), their pleas fell on deaf ears as the Senate committee also voted practically unanimously (8 to 2), but against the bill even proceeding to a full Senate vote.
I'm not sure if treason in this case is taking bribes or simply taking your bride for a ride.
Treason in the Idaho Senate.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Last I checked it constituted treason when you swore an oath to uphold the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions and then voted to violate both.