Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Update 11:03 a.m. MST: God bless Bruce Bistline! Bistline appears to be one of the few testimonies this morning that addressed how dangerous nullification is. Betsy's headline, "Testimony: Of pills, freedom, Nazis, Fidel Castro and Rosa Parks…" really illustrates what's going on in the hearing nicely. She also has her usual play-by-play coverage, all of which is worth reading.

In the public hearing this morning in the Idaho Legislature regarding the nullification bill that has been introduced, Rep. Barbieri (arguing for the bill) admitted that he hasn't even read the latest AG opinion. Additionally, Barbieri believes that the law of the land at this moment as it relates to the Affordable Care Act is what the legislature says it is. Yes, the legislature is all knowing. More on this to come.

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