Saturday, February 5, 2011

Smorgasbord Saturday

First, here are a bunch of links that have been open in tabs on my browser and I must get rid of a few to make room for new ones. Oh, we bloggers are an odd bunch! Always the potential for a post...
Here's my baseball commentary and yes, I think about baseball just as much in the off-season as I do during the regular season:

2010 was the year of the pitcher (and to a lesser degree the year of the rookie) so you would think that pitchers who had breakout years or accomplished something amazing would have been at a premium. Nope. Apparently if you ask the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, and Arizona Diamondbacks they'll tell you that just because they had success with certain pitchers doesn't mean they really owed any loyalty to said pitchers. What am I talking about? Matt Garza, Armando Galarraga, Edwin Jackson, Jon Rauch, Rafael Soriano, and sort of in the same respect, Andy Pettitte. Matt Garza and Edwin Jackson threw no-hitters and were traded (Jackson before the season was even over). Armando Galarraga will go down in history as the man who had a perfect game stolen from him by umpire Jim Joyce. The Tigers parted ways with Galarraga last week. Jon Rauch stepped in to close for the Twins when their regular closer, Joe Nathan, went down with an injury. Rauch was a huge part of the reason the Twins made it to the playoffs. And then there's Rafael Soriano. He had a mediocre year with the Braves, was traded to the Rays and stepped up as one of the best closers in baseball this past season. Were the Rays rival Yankees not paying attention? Apparently they were and liked what they saw so much they signed Soriano. What will happen to Mo remains to be seen.

Finally, the last pitcher on this list is a guy who decided on his own, from what it appears, to call it quits after 16 remarkable seasons (13 of them in the Bronx). Minus the steroid cloud that remains over Pettitte and whether or not you like the Yankees, it is hard to deny the magic that Pettitte brought to the mound. With two 20+ wins in a single season and quite a few World Series championship rings in his possession, Pettitte would be a first ballot entry into the Hall of Fame if not for the steroid cloud. Only time will tell. Regardless of all that, Pettitte had a superb first half of the 2010 season going 11-2 with a 2.70 ERA. Picked as an all star, even. Then the wheels fell off and Pettitte never made it back to his pitching dominance. I'm no Yankee fan and I've cussed many a time at Pettitte (especially during the 2005 NLDS), but even I can see the talent Andy Pettitte once possessed. Even I will miss that amazing move he had to first base. I guess the Yankees aren't quite as ridiculous as the Rays or even the Tigers...

That's it. Mostly a baseball post today. Now, go check out those links.

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