Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Broke or Not Broke?

“We’re broke.” ... The phrase is designed to create a sense of crisis that justifies rapid and radical actions before citizens have a chance to debate the consequences.

Just one problem: We’re not broke. Yes, nearly all levels of government face fiscal problems because of the economic downturn. But there is no crisis. There are many different paths open to fixing public budgets. And we will come up with wiser and more sustainable solutions if we approach fiscal problems calmly, realizing that we’re still a very rich country and that the wealthiest among us are doing exceptionally well.

... A phony metaphor is being used to hijack the nation’s political conversation and skew public policies to benefit better-off Americans and hurt most others.
E.J. Dionne makes some excellent and timely points about the way ideologues are attempting to shape any discussion of debt, deficit or denial of funding for some government programs. If only the members of the Idaho Legislature who cry about the budget crisis understood that saying so isn't going to solve anything and coupled with their senseless budget cuts will actually create an even deeper crisis for the people of Idaho. Unfortunately, the Idaho Legislature does not deal in facts.

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