Monday, March 7, 2011

A Moyle Update

This came to my attention this morning at Paul Dobbins' Trapper Talk:
"I heard about this a few days ago and was sworn to secrecy but seeing that everyone has read about it, here is what I was told.

"Moyles had failed to renew their marine mammal permit. It expired in 2007. Dumb move, Anyhow the marine mammals they had were confiscated.

"Also critters that required state seals like our wolverines and of course CITES animals, that had no seals or associated trapper's license numbers were also confiscated.

"If your hides were all properly sealed and had the corresponding license numbers all is well. Additionally, I was assurred [sic] that it's still cool to send hides for tanning. Just be sure all your paperwork is in order.

"ICE was there because they possess some technology to drain Moyles computers that the wildlife guys don't have. Alaska was involved in the whole deal on the periphery."
The author of this appears to be located in McGrath, Alaska, and I don't have any way to confirm what he says here, but am cautiously believing it for the time being. More to come.

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