Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'The state's most influential Republican leaders'

Here's a must-read spotted this morning in the Times-News. Certainly what Dean Dimond believes and what I do is that one of the "influential Republican leaders" is former mink farmer and current Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle (R-Star). A snippet from the article:

"While [Dimond and his fellow farmers' case against the CAFOs] is pending in the Idaho Supreme Court, state lawmakers are considering legislation designed to make it more difficult for citizens to file lawsuits to stop the expansion of such feedlots or protest farming methods that create noise or stir up dust and offensive odors. Lawmakers in several other states are considering similar measures.

"Dimond believes the Idaho bill, backed by the farm industry and some of the state's most influential Republican leaders, threatens his ability to dissent and protect his quality of life.

" "I'm afraid that (the bill) is going to make it so if a CAFO or some big major chain wants to come to the property right next to you; you're not going to have a say in it," Dimond said. "I'm not saying you should be able to stop everything, but if it's going to affect you, you should have a say in it, whether it's positive or negative."

"The bill would make it possible for farms and feedlots to expand and operate within their property lines without fear of reprisals from neighbors' nuisance claims as long as they obey government regulations and have the appropriate state and federal permits."

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