Thursday, July 28, 2011

TPG Returns

After two months away from blogging, I feel like I've sufficiently regrouped. I would be lying if I said I really missed blogging. I didn't. Twitter is a fantastic outlet where I can leave my random musings about politics, current events and especially baseball. It's a great thing for me, especially given that most of my interaction with other people happens online these days. However, 140 characters doesn't really fit my writing style, so I will be returning to blogging for the stories that require more space. Look for my first real post back next week.

An update on my summer reading list is in order as well. The following books were on my reading list and have been finished (rather quickly when I started and then came the lull):

1. Kate Carlisle: The Lies That Bind (A Bibliophile Mystery) available on Amazon
2. Sarah Vowell: Unfamiliar Fishes available on Amazon
3. Brooke Kroeger: Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist available on Amazon
4. Richard Greener: The Knowland Retribution (The Locator Series) available on Amazon
5. James Patterson: Toys available on Amazon
6. Tom Rachman: The Imperfectionists: A Novel available on Amazon
7. Victoria F. Nourse: In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near-Triumph of American Eugenics available on Amazon
8. Kathryn Stockett: The Help available on Amazon

I am currently reading:

1. Betty Ford: Betty: A Glad Awakening available on Amazon

There are several books I am still waiting for to become available at my local public library and a few others I've had my eye on. I suspect I may have put far too many books on my summer reading list!

It seems an entire lifetime of news has taken place since I began my summer hiatus. There is no way I can catch up on everything. I will most likely dive right into the present and only reach back to the last few months for material once or twice. Let's hope that when I return next week the debt ceiling crisis has been resolved and I can avoid that aggravating topic entirely.

Check back next week!