Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smorgasbord Saturday

Editor's Note: Stay tuned today for a post in honor of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day.
  • Matt Kemp is not-so-suddenly a contender for baseball's triple crown. If not for the craziness that is the Dodgers, he'd be leading the talk for National League MVP. Triple Crown Edition/Jayson Stark,
  • Morgan Freeman: The Tea Part is racist/Caitlin McDevitt, Politico
  • Another bow tie-wearing historian who paved the way for generations of American historians (especially those interested in urban studies) passed away this week. The Pulitizer Prize winner brought something relatively new to the field of History--the study of Census data. For every historian who has spent hours, days even, looking at Census data and trying to navigate the Census website, we have the great Oscar Handlin to thank for it. Oscar Handlin, Historian Who Chronicled U.S. Immigration, Dies at 95/Paul Vitello, New York Times
  • The Netflix saga continues. Now that Netflix has announced they'll be concentrating on streaming and Qwikster (not to be confused with QuickStar, the Amway company) will be the portion of the company responsible for mailing out DVDs, I'm beginning to rethink doing away with my streaming service on September 1st when Netflix raised their prices. The problem with Netflix streaming is their small inventory and the fact that Starz did not extend their contract with Netflix, therefore taking away a big chunk of videos from said inventory.Qwikster: Not to be Confused With Quixtar, QuickStar, Kwikster, Quickster, Kwik Star, or Kickstar/Harry McCracken, Technologizer; Netflix says it's sorry, then creates new uproar/Michael Liedtke, AP; Netflix's Focus on Streaming: Too Soon?/Robert Seidman,
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