Saturday, September 3, 2011

Template Design

Clearly things look very different around here right now. Please bear with me.

Thursday night I was checking out the new Blogger interface, clicked on a widget to allow my blog to be viewable by mobile users, and the entire blog template disappeared. It set both the mobile view and the regular template to the simple setting I'd clicked on for mobile viewing. After using the Blogger/Google forum, I was told to click on 'revert to classic template' and that was a horrible idea. It reverted to the template I was using in 2004 when I started this blog. Completely maroon and gray. Remember that look? Yeah, I barely did. A very simplistic template with no customizations and no possibility of inserting my custom header because the old template was running on the earliest interface. I was sick about it.

After much worrying, I finally stopped trying to help from Blogger/Google and decided now was as good a time as ever to not only switch to a new blog template (compatible with the new Blogger interface), but to also customize the color scheme. At least my new template worked size-wise with my new blog header. I did not want to have to tell my dear friend Teresa that all her work redesigning that thing was for nothing! I'm not content with the color scheme yet, won't be for another week or so if I concentrate on it.

All I have to say is, what kind of company doesn't have a way to contact their customer support directly? Not only does Blogger not save the HTML template for individual blog users (or give you the chance to undo reverting to the classic template if you, like I, clicked on the tab), they don't allow you direct access to anyone that might be able to help you solve your problems. You're just stuck in blog purgatory awaiting someone coming along to the forum and answering your plea for help. I'm a fan of the numerous services Google offers, but after this week, I'm really starting to rethink using Blogger.

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John T. Richards Jr. said...

Yes, I have been in Blogger purgatory for about fours years now with no improvement seen when it comes to support. I thought maybe Google would come to the rescue but still many unresolved issues. I find I cannot use many of the new features as always get error messages but have no direct Blogger support contact. Waiting for and wading through db's is not my idea of support. Good luck!