Thursday, January 12, 2012

Idaho Democrats Put Forward Ethics Commission Bill

Editor's Note: The following press release landed in my inbox yesterday from the Idaho Democratic Party. May the governor stick to his guns on the topic of ethics and put some pressure on the legislative majority to support this worthy idea.

Update (1.13.12): Speaker Denney has lashed out at Democrats for using the phrase "culture of corruption" in their portrayal of ethical lapses in governance. House Minority Leader Rusche has responded to Denney's outrage at the Democrats' rhetoric. This issue is bound to get more contentious. It is, after all, only the first week of the legislative session.

News release from the Idaho Democratic Party

Date: January 11, 2012
Contact: Sally Boynton Brown (208) 440-2374 or Shelley Landry (208) 336-1815

The Silence is Deafening

Idaho Democratic legislators have been steadily discussing the need to find solutions to the culture of corruption in our public offices for a week and the Majority Party has yet to respond. Despite a week of discussion with the media on the need for ethics reform from Idaho Democratic leaders neither the Governor nor GOP leadership have stepped forward with a plan or even comments on how best to address this issue.

Shelley Landry, Executive Director with the Idaho Democratic Party said, “Idahoans need to be clear, the only reason the elephant in the room is being discussed is because our Democratic Leadership is leading the charge. Let’s be realistic, the GOP was never going to push this issue on their own. Our Idaho Democratic Caucus has given the Majority Party ample opportunity over the years to make this a bi-partisan issue. We urge them to join us in prioritizing the renewal of confidence and faith in public leaders.”

She went on to say, “We were thrilled to hear Speaker Denney give his vote of support last week for an independent ethics commission and are patiently waiting for Republican lawmakers to express their interest or support of our bill. ”

The Idaho Democratic Legislative Caucus announced yesterday that they will be presenting their ethics commission bill to the media tomorrow. The meeting will be open to all that are interested in hearing more about the specifics of the bill.

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