Friday, March 30, 2012

The Latest On Ethics

Editor's Note: Thankfully the Idaho Legislature has gone home, but not without causing one more bit of damage. Here's the press release from the Idaho Democratic Party on legislative ethics.
For Immediate Release
Date: March 30, 2012
Contact: Sally Boynton Brown (208) 440-2374 or Larry Grant (208) 739-0242

Ethics: Senators Put Fox Inside Henhouse, Lock Doors

The Idaho Senate closed the 2012 Legislature by voting to change Senate ethics rules so that complaints will only be made in secrecy. If fellow senators find no merit to the complaint, no one will know it happened. This big step backwards comes after a parade of ethical missteps by the GOP supermajority during the past couple years.

Now, they not only have the fox guarding the hen house from the inside, they have closed and locked the door.

This move came after the Republican supermajority refused to create an independent ethics commission proposed by Democrats. By rejecting true ethics reform, the Republican Senate has shown that they prize secrecy over transparency when conducting the public’s business.

The culture of arrogance and entitlement will continue in the Idaho Statehouse unless Idahoans send a message during this fall’s election.

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