Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Music Tuesday

As I mentioned last Tuesday, April through June promises to be a huge few months for new music. For those of us devoted to 90's music, our every wish has been granted with the release of albums from Train, Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins, Candlebox, Pennywise, and Garbage. Plus Soul Asylum in July. Add to all that releases from Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Regina Spektor, Slash and Jack White. It's a hell of a way to begin the summer!

This morning I was looking forward to sampling the new album from Jason Mraz, Love Is a Four-Letter Word, and the latest from Train, California 37. By far, I've been the most impressed by Train. It has only been three years since Train released Save Me, San Francisco, but it already felt like it was time for Train to return. They're masters at releasing a new album every three years and it seems that's when fans really start hankering for more.

Having listened to each of the tracks on YouTube, I've found the most powerful track to be "When the Fog Rolls In." I've returned to it several times today. It's still available on YouTube for listening (no video yet) and here are the lyrics:
Driving over the bridge to give you my kiss
I know you don't love me, I know it ain't easy!
Friends become lovers, and lovers lose friends
That's when the fog rolls in!
I'm losing you!
You're losing me too!

In through the kitchen where we used to laugh,
Smells of your cooking, sounds of the past.
Somehow we got older, the air just got colder
That's when the fog rolls in!
I'm losing you!
You're losing me too!

So much for sowing up
So this is growing up
Everything is going up for sale
The fog kept on rolling in
The time came to sink or swim
They say it's better to try and fail
Then to try dying

I take a deep breath with my hand on the door
Afraid cause I'm not gonna see you anymore
These were our tender years, this was our street
All of our stop lights and all our concrete.
Now it's all somebody
else's to take
Until the fog rolls in
The track is powerful lyrically, like so many of the great Train singles over the years, and reminds me of the slower, almost haunting music on Save Me, San Francisco. I'll be coming back to this track for years to come, I anticipate.

"Bruises" is catchy, Ashley Monroe is an interesting collaborator. "Drive By" has been out there for awhile and seems to continue this new dance-like trend Pat Monahan has been attached to in the last few years. Reminds me a little of "Hey, Soul Sister." The only true throw away track, in my opinion, is "Mermaid." And "Feels Good At First" is solid, perhaps the second best track on the album.

There isn't a "Drops of Jupiter" caliber song on California 37, but I hardly expect Train will ever create something as enduring as that single. And yes, in "To Be Loved", Virginia makes a comeback.

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