Friday, April 20, 2012

New Writing Gig:

I write about baseball as often as I write about the Kennedys. When I began this blog I should have imagined that I would end up writing about baseball, but I didn't. I couldn't have imagined that eight years later I would still be blogging.

Lately I find myself writing about baseball more often than not. It has a lot to do with the current nature of national and state politics. The vitriol is unnerving. Just as in life, baseball is my escape. So, recently when a Twitter friend of mine asked if I would be interested in writing for, I jumped at the chance. After testing the waters with two posts, I was asked to join the team as a beat writer. I'm not your traditional beat writer, I will be watching the games on television, listening on radio and scouring the news for all things Braves baseball, but it should be a fun gig and a welcome challenge.

Here are my first three pieces at the site:

I'll still be writing about politics here and even baseball. I'll just be writing about the Braves there. Because my Twitter followers aren't all keen on hearing what I have to say about baseball--particularly play-by-play commentary--and because the folks who'll be reading my exclusives at Braves Wire aren't all going to like my politics, I have set up a new Twitter account specific to baseball. @framethepitch isn't quite rolling yet, I set up the account and haven't updated the profile. However, I did choose an avatar and I'm loving it! It's Phil Masi, of the Boston Braves, from his Topps card. I've always been a fan of Masi. This new Twitter account seemed the perfect opportunity to tie the Braves franchise to my love of catchers (hence the name, "frame the pitch"). Look for the account to be moving along nicely by the first of next week.

My next piece for the site will run as soon as the Braves wrap up their series in Arizona. Look for it soon!

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