Thursday, March 21, 2013

TWIH: The Invasion of Iraq (Part 1)

Marking the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, this week a veteran of that war and an outspoken critic of the war, Tomas Young, wrote this letter to former President Bush and Vice President Cheney. It is moving, haunting, angry and represents what an entire generation thinks of the war we never had to fight.

This is Tomas Young, from the documentary Body of War, speaking with the late Senator Robert Byrd about the resolution that sent us into Iraq:

If you aren't familiar with Young, I highly recommend you watch the entire Body of War. It and its soundtrack resonated with me and continue to hold a power unlike that of any other documentary I've seen regarding the war.

Tomas Young is an American hero who has, since his return from war, spoken truth to power. Unfortunately, nobody listened until it was far too late and we lost countless Americans. Those Americans who died in an unjust war for an immoral administration that led them unprepared into a war that wasn't what they all thought they'd signed up for.

Tomas Young is one of the thousands of American veterans who, though returning home with their lives, lost far more than most of us can imagine.

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