Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey, "Silver-tongued Devil," How's Your Stride?

How about this? Can this grab your attention? This is the transcript from a call this morning on the radio show "Zeb at the Ranch," broadcast every Monday through Thursday on KBAR out of Rupert, Idaho. Target? You guessed it, one Barack Obama:
Caller:You know yesterday he [Obama] was asked about ACORN and you know as well a I do that he was lying and he was literally amoral. He does not have a conscience and so this means nothing to him to lie to you and I... [Zeb interrupts]

Zeb Bell: I was just going to ask you, did you hear his comment to, uh, when he was in a crowd of people and he was asking for their vote? He walked up to one guy and he said "Now, listen, get in people's faces and demand that they vote for me!" It's almost sounding like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Caller: Well you know Hitler was a great orator, he just was louder. See nowadays we don't want to look offensive. See, so we don't, so he is smooth as silk and he is as deceptive as the devil. And he truly is, I think he is evil and he... [Zeb interrupts again]

Zeb Bell: You know something? You just said something, you said something that I think you should really elaborate on because you made a point and I don't care who is offended by it because we're a free speech talk show, we're not talking racism, we're talking politics and we're talking definitely viewpoints of people who are, in my opinion, socialistic and want to change the Constitution of America. You said, basically, he has viewpoints, or inklings, or leanings toward that of the devil. Explain that.

Caller: Well if you have no conscience, see if he had core principles, then he would not change his, he, think about how many things he has changed his mind on, you know. I mean we could go through all them, about meeting with, you know, on preconditions with the leaders of other countries, you know he's changed his mind about that. Taxing now, he says well we can't afford to tax the people. He's lying about the fact that small business only makes $250,000. You know as well as I do that a small business that small is pretty small. And I, uh, I, he's just, he is, he's the silver-tongued devil, man. He is and he's, I think he's even amazed himself and everybody around him. Because I really don't think they ever thought that he'd ever be here, they figured Hillary would be there.

Zeb Bell: I, I'm not going to argue with one thing you said because first of all you have the right to say it, secondarily, I think that basically anybody wants to arbitrate with me they're welcome to on his bent toward socialism. When you start talking about wealth distribution, what are you talking about? You're talking about socialistic values. He's not Robin Hood, by the way, I want to just point that out. Barack Obama is, in so many instances, a man to fear. I fear him on his comments about our Constitution being a living document and it can be changed in a changing world. Those kind of comments, and they are documented and, I mean I have got direct quotes from various books like one of the books, The Audacity of Deceit, written by Brad O'Leary, a very interesting book, goes into his various comments and absolutely shows Obama for what he is. He's a hypocrite and he's a man to be feared.

Caller: Well, like I say, he's got farther than he ever thought he was going to get and now he's beginning to earn his, if you watch him walk, his stride has changed. He's kind of got a cocky attitude.

Zeb Bell: It's arrogancy. Arrogancy.

Caller: You bet and let me tell you he, he, it's a shame because there are so many people that are fooled that are following him that know better and it is so sorry and you know, just one more point and I'll hang up--What, if he gets in and he's, there's four years of whatever the hell they throw at us, what will happen do you think after that? I mean, I think after four years of him he will not get re-elected. [Momentary battling of voices for control of the conversation]

Zeb Bell: I'll tell you what I think, Randy, honesty, and anybody out there including other talk show hosts and whatever can criticize me for this: I think four years of Obama would be the total desecration and destruction of our Constitution that never will come back.

Caller: That's the thing see, how much damage can they do? Senate, House, and, uh, him...

Zeb Bell: Show me the voice! Show me the voice, Randy. If you've got a Democratic controlled Congress with Pelosi and you've got a Democratic controlled Senate and you've got Obama and God help us, what kind of a cabinet he'd put in, you tell me how conservative thought and the value of our Constitution and the value of our families and the value of morality and the value of what made America great, how's that going to survive?

Caller: I don't know. The only thing we can hope for....I don't know Zeb we just have to hope that something miraculous comes around and somehow or another the American people stand up and do what's right even though these polls, you know I don't know that I believe these polls all of the time.

Zeb Bell: I don't either. I think that instead of the word hope, I want to pray. Believe me, I'm praying. I do not want this administration to take, I wouldn't want this administration to be the head of a 4-H club. I have no use for these people. Thank you for your call.

Caller: Hey, when all else fails drop to your knees. Okay, thanks.

Zeb Bell: You got it, man. Thank you.

Now, tell me, which group of voters has a Messiah-complex? Why need we worry about the changing stations and growing influence of Rush Limbaugh when we have our own homegrown hate?

Update (5:34 p.m.): And if this didn't get your attention, the MountainGoat Report has more. Yes, there is more. All from the same show. That's all in one day, folks!


N. Speth said...

Did the caller compare Barack Obama to Hitler, and the devil, and did Bell not challenge it at all? Even when I was at my most conservative ever I would have challenged that!

Tara A. Rowe said...

Unchecked. Unbalanced. Unfair.

Anonymous said...

How many people does this guy reach on a daily basis? Are we talking Twin, Poky, and Idaho Falls?

Tara A. Rowe said...

No, no. I listen to it online. The broadcast area is much smaller. I'm guessing it is confined to the Magic Valley.