Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sali Is Scary, No Really

When you were a kid did you ever play the 'which would you rather' game? You know, would you rather eat a worm or kiss a pig? That sort of mindless questioning that kids seem to be skilled at continuing on long car rides and even longer sleepovers.

I've made an adjustment to the game in response to this article from the Politico. My game? Who scares me more--today's most obvious targets being Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and Congressman Bill Sali of Idaho's first congressional district.

Who scares me more, Palin or Sali?

What a tossup. When asked what was the turning point in his life, what did Bill Sali say? A fourth-grade book report that he blew off and received a failing grade for. Seriously.

The fact that he didn't turn the report in doesn't scare me so much as the acknowledgment he makes that it was a turning point. Turning point toward what, Mr. Sali? On a much larger (and more important scale) are those pesky FEC reports you can't seem to turn in on time or with any amount of honesty. It seems to me a turning point is supposed to be life altering. Mr. Sali, you're still playing the same games you were in the fourth grade, except now it isn't the class you're failing, it's your constituents you are failing at every turn.

What do Bill Sali and Sarah Palin have in common? An inability to tell the truth and learn from their mistakes. Doesn't make much difference who is scarier.

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saraeanderson said...

A turning point where you turn 360 degrees and continue in the same direction? Excellent point.