Thursday, December 11, 2008

Of Blogs & Blowhards

The MountainGoat Report has a superb account of a recent inflammatory exchange on "Zeb at the Ranch," the radio show hosted out of shock jock Zeb Bell's home in Murtaugh, Idaho.

A snippet of Zeb's continuing rant on same-sex marriage:
Again everything that they say, everything that the left adheres to is anti-Biblical. Are we gonna sit back and just allow the Bible to be thrown away? Allow the Bible and its preachings and its doctrines to be trashed? Everything today it seems like is anti-Biblical. And my point to you and my question to you this morning is: Are we gonna follow God's laws or are we gonna bend and follow human laws? You know, you're gonna have to decide this. If they're gonna call me a bigot for not wanting gay marriage and wanting the respect for marriage as a man and a woman, I'm going to wear the label of being a bigot very, very proudly, and you should too.
There is so much more, both transcribed and in audio format, over at the MountainGoat Report directly from the mouth of Zeb Bell that deserves your time.

Personally, I thought Zeb's anger and absolute hatred for any number of groups, especially Democrats, gays, and African Americans, would decrease following the election. It has been the exact opposite, as the transcription clearly shows, Zeb is nothing less than riled up over Proposition 8. Still. He has been thrilled with the news out of Illinois. The "John Wayne Christian" is probably on his knees praying that Governor Blagojevich takes Barack Obama down with him. There have been no shortage of Christmas greetings. The usual "God bless you for your call" has now been replaced by the trading of Christmas wishes between Zeb and his callers. Does he care if you are Jewish? No. Atheist? Absolutely not. He is not going to back down...blah, blah, is what it is and he will say 'Merry Christmas' whether you like it or not.

I wonder if Zeb knows that when he says he isn't going to back down and he doesn't care what such-and-such group thinks, the only guy thinking he'll ever be in a position to back down or a position of disagreement with any group is Zeb himself.

He's a blowhard, and as MountainGoat points out, he's an awfully dangerous blowhard.

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