Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Still don't think Zeb Bell's voice is an influence outside of his direct broadcast range in the Magic Valley? Zeb's guest this morning, a regular guest Senator Denton Darrington (R-Declo) brought on a guest of his own: Justice Roger S. Burdick. Yep, a justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. All of this after the bigoted comments of Rep. John A. "Bert" Stevenson (R-Rupert). Amazing.


Wordsmith said...

Are you f***** ng kidding me?!

That is despicable on the behalf of that judge.

Why was he on? What was he discussing?

Tara A. Rowe said...

I signed on late, was running errands, but it sounded like they were talking about revisionists to begin with and then about the process as well as cost of bringing a case before the Supreme Court. I thought it was absolutely insane of the justice to agree to be on the show!

Kelly said...

I actually went to High School with Justice Burdicks son. (He was what I'd call an entitled tool...nice enough when he wanted to be, but otherwise...)...Anyway Zeb DOES have a talent of snagging some high profile guests. I think many of them have never heard of him and accept his self promotion as that of a 'flag waving good ol boy' at face value. If only they would do their homework,with very little effort they would discover what he is really about...that which you and others cover so well.