Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Much Needed Update

I suppose it is time for a few housekeeping notes...

You may have noticed that I can't seem to decide if I'll list my name in the profile box to the right. It has gone back and forth between my name and simply the title of this blog over the past several weeks. This is more or less a battle I'm having with myself regarding the promotion of my identity, not an attempt to hide my identity. Bear with me.

A little further down on the sidebar, I've added a few links to the "Idaho Scribes" section that are worth noting. Darlene's World, All Roads To Idaho, and TUBOB are all recent additions. There may be a few others there that I haven't noted upon addition.

I'm trying to keep the "Recent Reads" and the "Recent Music Purchases" updated, but those two sections fluctuate more quickly than I can remember to make note of them. "Recent Reads" has been keeping track of books I am going to begin, books I am currently reading, and books I've recently finished. It is much easier to list this way than to simply change it every day because I've finished a book.

I believe those are all of the changes. As always, if I've missed something, a new blog or book worth reading, please let me know.

It may be a sketchy few weeks here at The Political Game, writing projects and other priorities, but I'll be back with you full time as soon as things around here mellow out.


Wordsmith said...

Ya know - I don't have a problem identifying myself to other left-leaning bloggers as I trust they will honor not letting it out who I really am - just as I would with them. And Julie does know who I am; we've met a few times.

However, I don't put my real name there because I don't want harassment of any kind. I want to be able to mention where I work (obliquely) or whatever without 'sanctioning.' And I do not trust certain folks with that personal information.

Make sense? If it doesn't, I'll try again.

You do what you think is necessary for YOU.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for that last comment, Wordsmith. I don't make many decisions based on what is necessary for me and I certainly didn't think about the potential need for anonymity.

Kelly said...

It's a tricky decision isn't it?

I've maintained a personal blog for over 2 years now with a pseudonym, and I did so because of work. It has been liberating and enjoyable to say and express freely without fear of repurcussion. With my latest blog however,I use my real name,because I felt that in dealing with subject matter pertaining to social injustices/gay rights issues in idaho, it necessitated an open credibility on my part despite potential consequences.

I think the sentiment is correct in that you have to decide what is right for you as to whether to include your real name or not. I would add also one should further determine how anonymity (or lack thereof) reconciles with whatever goals you have for your blog.

Your blog is fantastic Tara. I'm a fan. Keep up the good work.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Because you're a fucking coward and think removing your name from the blog will clear your conscience of all of the filth you stand for. You cry about Mr. Bell's hatred when your own soul harbors the immense hatred of Bell and his callers for their honesty. You are nothing but a voiceless keyboard coward, you are your friends behind their computer monitors.

Bob said...

thanks for the link, I'll get you up on mine, I like your blog.

As to "Mike" what's your last name and address tough guy?

Yeah. Figured as much. Back to your cheetos and Diet Dr. Pepper, basement boy.

Serephin said...

Aw, Mikey, you poor, pathetic putz. What's the matter? Didn't mommy and daddy give you enough love when you were little (I would have said "when you were a child", but you still appear to be one, from your whiny-ass titty-baby attitude).

It's too bad you had a bad upbringing, that you grew up filled with fear and self-loathing and impotent rage for anyone different from yourself. Truthfully -- it sucks for you. But others have had tough childhoods, rough adolescences, and -- apparently in your case -- a shitty adulthood, yet most folks in that situation manage to educate themselves, mature, and grow beyond their challenging circumstances.

Sadly, there are always those who fail; who for whatever reason are unable to overcome their shortcomings and instead choose to wallow in their anger and self-inflicted ignorance. The kind of person who blames everyone else -- especially those different from themselves -- for all the problems in their life. And when a bigoted, racist, hate-mongering over-stuffed mic-jockey tells you all your problems are because of some Mexican, or black, or woman, or liberal, or Jew, or gay or lesbian or educated person or, hell, anybody NOT you, you suck it up like a dog eating its own vomit.

Mikey, ass-clown scumbags like Ronald "Zeb Bell" Zebell can only thrive by gorging like a pig at a trough on the spirit of damaged beings like yourself. They get away with it because your fears and weaknesses are the fuel that feeds their hate. And that hate is all you have to keep your sad, empty existence going, even as it slowly burns to ash whatever small splinter is left of your humanity.

People like Tara and MG at The MountainGoat Report use their words to fight for those good people you and Bell would disparage and demean. They believe in the good of humanity, in the diversity and strength of those who make up our great country, and both of these terrific people shine like the morning sun. If only you had known folks like them earlier in your life, Mike, maybe you wouldn't now be the sad, wretched being you are, and Bell would have had one less soul to consume.

Mike, until you can grow up and learn to appreciate that there is more to this world than your narrow, twisted convictions, you should probably crawl back into your hole and curl up in the cold darkness. Tara and MG are among the best of all that's good about America, while you, Mike, are doomed to continue to exist as a miserable, trivial loser whose finest hour will probably be as landfill.

Kelly said...

Hey Tara, looks like you snagged one of Zebs fans! "Mr. Bell"...gimme a break.